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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Finally, a home for the Dickmobile..

Hi friends and curiosity seekers.  The Dickmobile is a bit of sixties history you may have missed out on.  I have loads of stories coming up from the book on the car I am writing called, you guessed it, "Laughing Wheels".  I also have a line of bumper sticker art and Dickmobile 'fine art' I will be selling on Zazzel so you can have your own Dickmobile mug, or fine art poster or  Dickmobile tee shirt.
In the sixties, I had the delusion that Los Angeles itself was a virgin and my job was to penetrate the roadways of the City with comic foreplay! A true Art win! LOL Los Angeles! I started thinking…. From my fathers quiet Denslow Ave. house to the center of  Westwood Village was only about five short blocks. If I could get up the nerve, I could flash the car then hide it as a tactic to avoid getting busted. Westwood Village was a teeming city in a city filled with theaters, bars, bookstores and college students. I could go from artistic obscurity to notoriety in a graphic instant. The question remained, was I crazed enough? Would I get busted? What would happen?  This blog spot is that story.